Construction continues into school year

As the school year gets into full swing, construction efforts at several Webster City schools are continuing.

At Monday’s meeting of the Webster City Community School District Board of Directors, Superintendent Mike Sherwood updated the board on the state of Pleasant View, Sunset Heights and Webster City High School. Sherwood said he spoke with Jake Peterson, of Peterson Construction, earlier on Monday to give the board the most up-to-date information.

Starting at Pleasant View, Sherwood said the tiles at the second restroom have been installed. Work continues at the school with installing partitions in that restroom as well as work with sinks and ceilings. He said that restroom should be finished late this week or early next week. Cabinets at Pleasant View will be installed next week, with a couple weeks before air conditioning is available in several parts of the building. Lockers are set to arrive at the school in September, and Sherwood expects them to be installed by the beginning of October. Several doors are also set to be replaced.

The safe surface at the Pleasant View playground is set to be finished in the next couple weeks. Sherwood said the heat has caused issues for the installers. The materials and installers will be working on the safe surface next week.

At Sunset Heights, cabinets are being installed along with countertops and sinks. Lockers are being rolled out and should be installed by mid-September. Epoxy floor coating is being worked on. Boiler room piping and several doors are also being worked on.

Webster City High School is seeing air units in the vocational wing installed except for one room that is being worked on. Sherwood said the district is still waiting to tear out and reconfigure some piping. Those lines are working now, but will have to be shut down at some point to reconfigure them.

With construction ongoing, Sherwood said he will soon look at what work will be done next year at the schools. He said he will look at the science lab, restrooms, the music area and other parts of the High School to renovate next year.

“It just depends on where the funds are at and how much money we can get together,” Sherwood said.

The board will likely tour the facilities again before their first meeting in October.

In other business, the board approved the formation of an art club for high school students. Aaron Shirley, High School Art Instructor, was on hand to discuss his proposed club with board members. In his classes alone, Shirley gathered the interest of about 40 students to support the club.

“Some kids don’t have the schedule to take the art classes they want to,” Shirley said.” Some can’t take as many as they want to and this club will help with that,” Shirley said.

From here, Shirley said he plans to start forming the club by installing officers, gathering fundraising ideas and figuring out activities for the club to participate in. Shirley will serve as the faculty advisor for the club.

In addition, the board also set a textbook fee of $20 for the use of the iPads that are planned to roll out in the district this fall. Sherwood said the money will be used to cover any repair needs for the district’s iPads.

The board also heard an update from Sherwood on the district’s crisis management plan, heard a short review of the beginning of the school year, and set the board’s only meeting for next month on Sept. 9.