A workspace of their own in Webster City

Several new members have joined the inTANDEM workspace in Webster City. The members say the coworking space meets their specific needs.

Moving three times in one year, Kathy Getting, Power Up YOUth Coordinator in Hamilton County, rents one of several offices in the workspace. She first moved this year to Hamilton County Social Services in February after Hamilton County Public Health moved to their new location. She was given space by Building Families, but their rent was hiked up by the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors.

Faced with more rent in the middle of their budget year, Building Families moved to a location in Clarion. Getting, without a place to go, moved her office into the All Cultures Equal building on the east side of Webster City.

“We knew that was just a temporary spot while we waited for this place to get done,” Getting said.

Getting learned about the coworking space in June. The coworking space, located at 501 Bank St. in Webster City, offered her a private office space as well as meeting rooms, internet, a copier and printer and more. She moved into the coworking space on Aug. 12. The nature of the coworking space is also beneficial for Getting.

“Part of what’s important in prevention and coalition work is networking with people,” Getting said. “When there’s lots of people walking in and out it’s much easier to reach out and connect with someone. Just having people here helps us draw upon the wisdom of others.”

She has also used the meeting rooms available in the coworking space to meet with other coalition members and the Crimestoppers board. Each year, coalition members do a survey on meeting effectiveness. Getting said every member gave the highest ranking for the meeting space when they met at the inTANDEM workspace.

On the go

Other members of the coworking space use it as a temporary work space. Patrick Palmer, owner and onsite technician of “The Computer Guy,” found out about the inTANDEM workspace after meeting the workspace’s owner, Darcy Swon, during a convention in Cedar Rapids. He said coworking spaces allow him to expand to new places.

“There’s lots of towns that I’d to that I’ve love to be able to sit down, spread myself out and have an office for a day or a couple hours to do my thing even if it’s just to make phone calls or do computer repair or whatnot,” Palmer said.

Palmer signed up for a mobile membership, and is normally at the workspace from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fridays through mid-November. Palmer said his schedule might change during the winter due to weather.

In addition to the amenities, Palmer enjoys the use of the high-speed internet available at the space. He was also surprised to find that one of the walls in the workspace is painted green and realized he could do green screen work there. This Friday, Palmer plans to shoot a few commercial videos for his business, using the green screen to insert graphics into his video.

Fore more information, contact Darcy Swon at 835-0437, or at dswon@intandemworkspace.com. Palmer’s business can be found online at thecomputerguy.bz.