Reader questions whether athletics are for sale

To the Editor:

On Saturday, my husband and I were listening to the broadcast of the Iowa game on the radio. The game was about to get underway when the announcer states that the

“coin toss is being sponsored by HyVee.” Really? We need a sponsor for the coin toss? Have our radio and television stations prostituted themselves to the point that they have to sell “the coin toss?” During the game, there were other specific activities that also had sponsors. At the end of the game, they asked listeners to vote on the “corn play of the day.” What conglomerate paid for that ad and all the others we heard during the game. It appears that every part of the athletic experience is sponsored by someone.

What and who gets that money? Where do they spend it? Not on our athletes. They can’t receive even a free meal from a supporter. There is something wrong with this picture. Our athletic events have become one big commercial.

Literally everything in the U.S. is about money. In the Sunday paper, it was revealed that our college presidents spent much of their time away from their jobs “raising money.” The U.I. president spent 36% of her time raising money and the Ia. State president spent 42% of his time raising money. I thought their main purpose was to lead the university in educational endeavors.

Americans no longer have a voice in this country unless you have the money to buy it. How sad.

Joanne Pohlman

Webster City