Light turnout for school election

It was a light turnout for voting across Hamilton County as voters headed to the polls in the four school districts to elect school board members. There were no contested races in Hamilton County.

Election workers had some new equipment to help them at the polls. The new technology included the new Precinct Atlas, which allowed election workers to scan a drivers license to verify the voter’s eligibility. The equipment provided workers with some challenges, but on the whole, worked very well, according to Kim Schaa, commissioner of elections.

“I think it went very well. Precinct Atlas they loved. I know there were a few little glitches. We heard Webster City had an error where you had to scan a license a few times. When I voted in Blairsburg, I scanned it once and it went through,” she said. “Everything we’ve heard so far has been positive.”

Unofficial results

Webster City

In Webster City, incumbents Pamela J. Hayes and Michelle Zahn were re-elected. They received 69 and 70 votes, respectively.

Northeast Hamilton

This is the first school board election for Northeast Hamilton since new district boundaries were drawn in 2012. The school board decided to adopt three director districts instead of five because it was becoming more difficult to find residents from each district who were willing to serve.

In January 2012, the NEH School Board reduced the school districts from five to three and added two At-Large candidate positions. The entire district votes for all the directors.

Eric Patterson, running unopposed for the Director of District 1 seat to fill a vacancy, received 189 votes. There were 28 write-in votes for the seat. Bruce Mark, who sought the Director of District 3 seat, received 153 votes and 55 write-ins were noted. Marlin Pruismann and Roxanne Anderson, candidates for At-Large seats, received 193 and 166 votes, respectively. Anderson will fill a vacancy on the board.

There were 44 write-ins for the seat Anderson won, and 23 for the seat Pruismann won.

South Hamilton

Marie Johnson was elected as the Director of District 1 seat in South Hamilton with 44 and William Johnston won his bid for Director of District 4, also with 44 votes.


Three candidates were elected to the Stratford Community school board. Julie L. Patterson received 49 votes, Chad Smith earned 52 votes and Alison Weidemann received 47. Each was elected to an at-large seat on the school board.

Stratford voters were also asked to weigh in on revenue purpose state, Public Measure A. The measure passed on a vote of 43 in favor and 9 opposed.