Appreciation for help with Doodlebug reunion

To the editor:

The 27th annual Doodlebug Reunion recently held in Webster City was another great success thanks to the help and cooperation of so many great folks who offered not only their time but expertise in helping to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement for our members. On behalf of the membership of the club I would like to personally thank Kent Harfst for graciously allowing us to ride on the beautiful Boone River Trail. This ride continues to attract attention, and is looked forward to each year. One of the favorite photo-ops on the trail is taken in front of the “No Motorized Vehicles Allowed on the Trail” sign. This year we had a record 47 motorized units on the trail and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if we exceeded that number next year.

Kudos go out to Deb Brown, Chamber Director, for all her help in setting up and organizing the Doodlebug races, and working with us on our proclamation making Andy Fales and Keith Murphy honorary Doodlebug Club members and 14 year-olds for the day. Thanks to Mayor Janet Adams for the Doodlebugs Days proclamation. Appreciation goes out to Webster City Federal Savings Bank for the digital display on their sign on Fairmeadow Dr. Our members are impressed that a business would go to that degree of effort in welcoming them to our city.

Many thanks to the Webster City Police Department and Hamilton County Sheriff for allowing club members to ride in groups around the community in a safe manner. This helps us to showcase our city and the many points of interest that they may have otherwise not gotten a chance to see.

Our thanks also go out to Susan and Ralph Storm at the airport, Gerald Huisman representing Briggs &Stratton, Kent Schell with 7-B Ranch, and last but not least, the Hamilton County Fair Board for creating a super facility for setting up and conducting the annual show.

With everyone’s help we were able to create a fun environment for all who came for the first time or in many cases returned to the Doodlebug capital of the world. As an interesting side note, we were graced by Brendan Hoffman, a young man in town doing research for a book about Webster City and the effect of the various manufacturing plant closings. On a borrowed Doodlebug, he was able to ride the 11.4 mile trail to Briggs woods, and need I say this young man was impressed.

Please join us next year for the 28th annual Doodlebug Reunion and experience the fun of seeing the “Little Red Bug” return to its home where it was proudly built by Webster City workers.

Jerry A. Wells

Doodlebug Club of member