Start of a new season

So now we’re getting set to start a new television season. New shows premiering here and there, old shows kicking off their new seasons. Lots of hype and promises that this will be the best season ever.

It all makes me kind of miss the way it used to be when television viewing was simpler, when we had just three network stations to choose among. Add in a public station, and viewing was just pretty dang good then. With fewer choices, it was much less of a chore to remember when your favorite programs aired.

Now cable TV is part of our world. For some of us, a very big part. Instead of the small handful of stations that are on network TV, there are now more than 60 stations available on my TV. And that’s just the basic plan. So many choices make it a little overwhelming to choose among the offerings of movies, reality TV, sports, news, food shows, cartoons, even shopping shows. It’s a challenge sometimes just to remember them all.

My children had cable TV way before their mom did, as soon as they went off to their campuses. They just had to rough it when they came home. That contributed to my daughter referring to my place as the little house on the prairie. (Not so far off, perhaps, and just fine with me.)