Jewell council OKs equipment buys

In its first session of the month, the Jewell City Council looked at several equipment matters.

Approved was the purchase of a new 2013 Caterpillar backhoe and a hammer work tool. The cost of the backhoe is $48,948, The hammer work tool is $21,613.

The council also approved a new V snowplow for the front of the 2013 Ford truck. The cost of the snowplow is $5,200, plus $400 for installation.

In another equipment matter, the council voted to replace the alarm at the water plant, at a cost of $795.

Also, the council approved placing barricades and caution tape along the south side of the building at 600 Main Street until the insurance company determines the condition of the property.

The consensus of the council was not to allow painting of the school mascot, Hector the Hawk on Main Street sidewalks.