Eating better

Putting a little effort into building a healthy meal can go a long way.

Kristi Zwiefel, RD, LD dietitian from Van Diest Medical Center, presented a “How to Build a Healthy Plate Program” Wednesday at Fuller Hall. During the presentation, Zwiefel shared tips on how to eat better.

One of the major tips Zwiefel shared was to be aware of the food portions that one consumes. Zwiefel said that after taking a trip to the grocery store while hungry, a big no-no, she decided to snack on the way back.

“By the time I got back, I wondered how many portions I had eaten,” Zwiefel said. “So I measured it out and I had four servings without thinking about it.”

She also shared a story about how she and her sister have occasionally ordered a single dish to split at restaurants. While not everyone wants to split a meal, she encouraged participants to get boxes to take portions of their meals at restaurants home with them.

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