Books to exercise your brain

The theme of National Library Card Month at Kendall Young Library this year is Exercise your Brain. There are many different ways to give your noggin’ a workout: puzzles ranging from the crossword to the jigsaw variety are one route to take in the quest to a stronger brain. Try these books too, full of ways to make your mind sweat.

Mensa Mind Teasers by Philip J. Carter & Kenneth A. Russell. 793.73 CAR

This challenge book full of puzzles, anagrams, and riddles may be quite challenging for a brain teaser novice, but for puzzle fans it is a perfect collection. Most can be solved with pure brain power, giving the reader a tremendous sense of accomplishment after completing them. Make sure to think outside the box to find the answers if you take on this book.

Language Learning Books. 430-495

Learn a new language! Learning new skills is a great way to help give your brain a workout and help it stay healthy. Language learning works the brain in unique ways that have been shown to actually promote growth in certain areas of the brain. There are a wide variety of language learning options at the library, from how-to books, audiobooks that help you through the process, to an online database (Transparent Language) that gives you access to sophisticated language learning software and over 80 different languages, from Albanian to Zulu.

The Amazing 1000 Puzzle Challenge 793.73 AMA

Great for those new to brain teasers, this book has pages full of fun puzzles, with a variety of types to expose you to the wonderful world of puzzles. Start simple and work your way up to the more challenging, or simply dive into the tougher puzzles. With a huge variety of riddles, form crosswords to logic puzzles, this book is sure to have something to satisfy everyone. Take it on your next long trip to stave off boredom.

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?: An Imponderables Book by David Feldman. 031.02 FEL

This book by David Feldman poses questions to questions that have nagged civilization for years. Some silly, some serious, this book full of questions and their answers will give you new knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. And with this being one of many in a series, there are even more chances to find the truth to those questions whose answers always seem to elude.

American Medical Association Complete Medical Encyclopedia 610.3 AME

No, I’m not suggesting you read the entire thing. But a huge part of a healthy brain is a healthy body. Diet and exercise can have a tremendous impact on the health of your brain, so make sure to eat well and stay active. Other great resources for a healthy lifestyle can be found at the library, in call number ranges 610-614.

Come in to check out these books or some others that interest you today. In addition, if you check any items out before the end of September, you will be entered in a drawing for one of three gift baskets full of great ways to exercise your brain.