Moving — A fresh start

My 20-something daughter just moved to a new apartment in a different state. And, wonder of wonders, her new employer paid for a company to move her.

This concept of using a moving company is foreign to my family. We have been more of the system that borrows a horse trailer, hooks up the homemade trailer, and makes multiple trips with a very full car when it’s time to move.

For several years when I was in my 20s I could actually get all of my worldly possessions in my car-clothes, a stereo system, my clock radio, posters, a few books. I pieced together enough furniture to get by once I was in a new place, buying used, selling it to someone when it was time to move again.

Life was pretty easy, as I see it now from the perspective of a house full of furniture and appliances and all the other flotsam and jetsam that go with decades of accumulating comforts. The last time I moved, it took several trailers full and multiple trips to get it all done. It was just a short distance, yet it takes the same effort before and after the actual move as a cross-country venture.

Relocating is a foreign concept when you grow up on a farm, at least from my era. When one lived on a working farm surrounded by the land that made your living, you couldn’t exactly pick up your ground and relocate it. Now in our society we are much more mobile, even here in the heartland, so moving is much more the norm.

Maybe one of the more symbolic moves is when you take your children off to a college campus for the first time. Remember that? It is a day that’s both triumphant and traumatic, depending on whether you’re in the empty car driving home or staying on campus.

I recommend moving with really young children, if you can. I did that once with a four-month-old and one who was 23 months old. So I got to take care of them, including boarding them at a new neighbor’s house, instead of trucking and hauling all day like everyone else did. Then the neighbor, my other mother, cooked a nice roast beef supper for all of us. This was in mid-January, not a time I recommend to move, of course. It was frigid and there was snow on the ground.

Twice when we moved we couldn’t do a direct switch from house to house but had to store everything in between. So essentially we moved twice before we were settled in. Not fun.

Some folks believe that there isn’t one aspect of moving that’s fun. But when’s another time when you get a chance to purge all your possessions, start fresh, and make a new home?