Wonders what to do with bulbs

To the Editor:

Like most people now, I have made the switch to compact florescent light bulbs. They save energy, money and usually last longer than the filament style bulbs. Ninety percent of the light sockets in my house have them.

The question is, what do we do with them when they do burn out? The city encourages us to use them, so much so that they actually sell them at the utility office. But what about after they burn out? I recently went to the utility office and asked if they take them to be recycled. I was told right away that they didn’t. Also I was told that I could just throw them into the garbage.

Maybe the workers there haven’t been informed that those type of bulbs contain mercury. A substance that should not be put into our landfills and those bulbs can and should be recycled.

So if they are going to sell and encourage the use of those bulbs, shouldn’t they also give us information on how to recycle them as well? Maybe even start a CFL recycling program.

Just a thought.

Adam Raygor

Webster City