Free Clinic finds a new home

The Webster City Free Clinic has found a new home at Hamilton County Public Health.

Both the Clinic and Public Health are now located at 820 James St. in Webster City. Joan Hisler, who manages the Clinic, said they have three rooms which they can permanently operate out of. Prior to the move, the Clinic was held at the All Cultures Equal building in Webster City.

“Every week, we had to set up and tear down before and after each Clinic,” Hisler said. “Now, we have two exams rooms at Public Health that we’ll be able to stay put in.”

The Clinic is also using a room at Public Health where medication can be distributed. Hisler said the move will also make the Clinic more centrally located in Webster City.

The move to the new building began after Hisler began conversing with Public Health officials about a potential move. While the Clinic and Public Health offer different services, Hisler said they can refer patients to either organization for procedures including mammograms. The Clinic moved into their new home on Sept. 1. Hisler said the transition to the Public Health building has been smooth. So far, the only space issue has been existing WIC sessions on Tuesdays. However, Hisler said the issues are minimal and the two organizations have worked well together.

“They’re just really giving people to offer this,” Hisler said. “They’re a dedicated group. It’s an honor to work with these people who commit to the needs of the community.”

The Clinic is currently working to better educate its participants about the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, which requires them to have insurance. She said that even though some aspects of the plan are not yet up and running, she hopes that the Clinic will be able to remind their patients of their responsibility under the new plan.

Founded in 2006, the Webster City Free Clinic opens at 4 p.m. each Tuesday. There are no appointments and everyone is treated on a first-come first-serve basis. It is a nonprofit member of the Free Clinics of Iowa, who help the Clinic obtain medications.

The Webster City Free Clinic offers a variety of services for those without insurance or the means to pay for medical services, including illness and minor injury care, employment physicals, chronic disease management and testing for diabetes and high blood pressure.