Talbot announces council intentions

Jim Talbot, who filed his nomination papers on Sept. 20, released an announcement Tuesday of his intention to seek a seat on the City Council of Webster City Council in the Nov. 5 election.

Talbot, a resident of Webster City since 1981, said, “I have decided to run as a non-sponsored, or solicited candidate for one of three open seats. I feel it’s great that seven candidates are running. My feeling is that people are not happy with the direction the city is headed.”

Talbot said that the economic base of the community and tax revenues have been diminished by the loss of major employers over the last several years, but major expenditures are ongoing.

Talbot said he had five areas of concern:?the status of funds loaned to the electric car company; use of the electric trust “slush” funds; the purchase of 37 acres of land at $27,000 per acre in the industrial area south of Highway 20; the investment in “speculation houses” and the status of the senior center.

“I see an opportunity to elect three new council members that will not ‘go along, to get along,’ but who will represent all people that reside in Webster City,”?he said.

Talbot is retired from more than 35 years of personnel and production supervision. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and has been married to his wife, Mary, for 43 years. He has a daughter, son and one grandchild who all live in Webster City.