Randall council plans building project

Betsy Warburton, president and CEO of Bethany Manor, was a visitor at the Randall city council meeting on Tuesday evening.

With Bethany Manor planning a $23 million building project, Warburton came to the meeting to discuss a funding option that allows a non-profit to borrow up to $10 million through the borrowing power of a city. The city has no responsibility for repayment of the loan, and Bethany Manor would handle all paperwork and details.

Warburton requested $10 million through the city of Randall, which will receive payment from the Bethany Life Foundation. In order to use the borrowing power of a city, the non-profit must be within seven miles of that city. Bethany Manor is located in Story City, five miles from Randall, but Story City is unable to enter into such an agreement at this time.

The council discussed the proposal, with the consensus to move ahead. “We look at this as a win-win situation for everyone,” said Randall city clerk DeAnn Frisk stated.

Other business at the regular monthly meeting was to review two bids for the new fire truck storage area building. The cost of the building will be close to $50,000, and plans are to pay for it with contributions, local option sales tax, and city reserves. There will be another town meeting to discuss the project with local citizens.

The current fire station has been sold for $5,500 to a local businessman, who will take possession when the new building is complete.

The council also again looked at an increase in water rates. The city has been losing money on water fees for several years now, according to Frisk. “We have to do something, whether we want to or not,” noted Frisk. She plans to run some numbers on the issue and report back to the council at their next meeting.

In other business Tuesday, the council approved a request for a donation to South Hamilton Area Youth Soccer. The council voted to donate $400, with plans to give more from next year’s budget.

Also, the council set trick-or-treat night for Oct. 31, 6 to 8 p.m.