Stanhope council hears report on city park progress

STANHOPE – When the City Council in Stanhope met for its regular monthly meeting, council members received an update by maintenance superintendent Tad Stupp on projects in town as well as a progress report on replacing the Lion’s Den in the town park.

The garage from the property at 550 Parker St. will be moved to the park as a replacement for the old Lion’s Den, which has been torn down. Stupp said he was is in the process of completing plumbing for the project, along with concrete placement, and is also working on moving the garage.

Stupp will secure another bid for electric system tree trimming, and the matter will be on the agenda for the November council meeting.

In another matter concerning the town park, the council was informed that the Stanhope Development Group, Inc. has secured new playground equipment for the park in conjunction with funds received from the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation. Equipment valued at about $11,000 was secured for $7,000. The new equipment will arrive in the next several weeks, and depending on weather, could still be installed this fall.

The council approved funding of $750 for Youth and Family Center of Hamilton County for Fiscal Year 2014 to 2015. This is no change from last year.

Fire Chief Mike Hanson reported to the council on new equipment and also on planned improvements to the HVAC system of the fire/EMS building.

Mayor Harold Hove plans to visit with several individuals concerning unlicensed and junk vehicles in an effort to improvement the appearance of the community.