Haircut for a cause

In just a few snips, Kaitlyn Connell had 10 inches of her hair trimmed off to donate for Locks of Love.

The five year-old made the big cut on Wednesday afternoon at Hair Mechanix in Webster City. Accompanied by her mother, Michelle Connell, a look of shock came across her face as she saw the large clump of hair that will be shipped off to Locks of Love. Michelle Connell said she’s only had her hair trimmed before. The donation is a big step for her, but Michelle Connell said her daughter was happy to do it.

“It got to the point where we asked if we should get it trimmed or just let it keep growing out. I told her there were a lot of little girls out there that were sick and don’t have hair,” Michelle Connell said. “We could give it to a girl who doesn’t have hair, and she said, ‘Yeah, let’s do that.'”

Ever since she told her daughter about the idea, Kaitlyn Connell couldn’t wait to get her hair cut to donate to Locks of Love. She had to wait to grow it out because the minimum length for a hairpiece donation to Locks of Love is 10 inches. For the person who receives the donated hair, it will have been worth the wait.