Unusual finds in KYL DVD collection

While it is an established fact that Kendall Young Library has books (over 50,000 in fact), you may not realize that we also have a substantial DVD section. This ever-growing collection has the usual suspects like educational programs for children, such as Little Einsteins, but it is also full of unexpected gems. In this column I will highlight a few unusual titles and genres you may stumble upon the next time you are browsing the library’s DVD collection.

Zumba Fitnes: Exhilarate

Want to try the latest fitness craze before committing your time and money? Check out a workout disc or two to see if Zumba is for you. And if you decide you need something more low-key, we also have a variety of DVDs for Yoga, Pilates, Walking, and more. Perfect for anyone who wants to work out in the comfort of their own living room.

Downton Abbey

Did you start watching a show half-way through and need to catch up quickly on previous episodes? Or maybe you just want to re-live your favorite moments? The library has many seasons of some of the hottest TV shows right now. With big hits from the past and present, like ER, M*A*S*H, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, Supernatural, and more, you can binge watch your favorite show to your heart’s content. My personal favorite is Doctor Who, but I’ll leave it to you to decide for yourself.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Want to watch your favorite movie from your youth? Or catch up on the hits from the past? Love nostalgia and how things used to be? You are in luck. We have a wide variety of classic films, ranging from Academic Award winning dramas like Patton to beloved romantic comedies like The Apartment or Roman Holiday.

Suze Orman’s Money Class

Get your finances in order with help from this energetic finance guru. Or maybe you want to learn new drills for the Little League baseball team you are coaching next summer. We have a variety of How-To DVDs, from self-defense lessons to learning magic and balloon art. Next time you are looking to pick up a new skill, try the DVD collection for help!


British shows are becoming increasingly popular as the world becomes smaller. American audiences are enjoying both imported shows and actors from the United Kingdom. Our collection is full of British shows and actors, from Benedict Cumberbatch in the contemporary Sherlock series to classics like Are You Being Served? Stop by the next time you need your British fix, from new dramas like Foyle’s War to classic comedies like Fawlty Towers.

We invite you to check out these and other great show in our DVD collection. We also welcome your suggestions of interesting titles we might add.