John Hawkins – In their own words …

John Hawkins

Age: 56

Years in Webster City: 13

Occupation: Trucking/Transportation industry

Previous offices: None

Why are you running for City Council?

I have not held an office before. I moved to Webster City in February 2000 upon my marriage to my wife, Marcia. I am running for city council because I was asked in the past and did not have the time. Now I do have the time and energy to apply myself to this task and I want to help our community by giving some of that energy to the city council.

What qualifications do you bring to the job?

I have been starting and running trucking and transportation companies for 30-plus years. Hawkins Road Transport and Followmont in Australia, Hawkins Industries and The Truck Transporter here in Webster City.

What is Webster City’s greatest asset?

Webster City’s greatest asset is its people and the community itself. We have proven to be resilient in diversity in the past, and we come together when needed.

in the past, and we come together when needed.

What are the top three challenges facing Webster City?

Our top three challenges are: 1. Infrastructure, a boost to bring our city ahead of the downward curve. 2. Employment , to encourage our people to go to work. 3. Continuing care and pride in what we already have, to make Webster City an appealing place to start and move a business to.

How would you address those changes?

By working with the council and city staff to research for more grants, and taking advantage of the expertise of other government departments on how to best beat these problems.

What should the city’s role be in economic development?

The city’s role should not be to fund economic development, but to help encourage and advise.

What would you do to keep utility rates in line?

I do not have any insight into the city’s budget at this time, but I intend to work hard at making sure we reach our goals without over-taxing our community.

If elected, what is the first thing you would like to get done? And how you would you accomplish this?

If elected I would like to work towards improving our infrastructure. I would like to research our spending and projected works with an eye towards whether we can move faster so the city looks vibrant for future companies and residents.

How important is collaboration and compromise for a City Council member?

Collaboration and compromise are paramount if we are to achieve any goals in the future.

Give us your visions for the future of Webster City.

I would like to see Webster City gain more new businesses, be a clean and tidy city with a vibrant community coming together often, much like we did on RV TV night, only all of the time.