Halloween from a distance

One good thing about being an empty nester is that Halloween can now be enjoyed from more of a distance than it was formerly. No longer is deciding on and securing the perfect costume for your children a crisis, nor is doing decorations inside and out or having the perfect treats on hand.

Although I rather enjoyed all that at the time, I can’t say I miss it now. I wonder what the Halloween equivalent of “Bah, humbug!” is. It is still enjoyable, though, to remember how excited my children were about this haunted holiday-the preparation and the actual day and evening of the fun.

Choosing the proper costume was always vital. I was pretty stubborn about that, as I had a thing about making their costumes instead of running out to the department store to buy the costume of the year in a box. Anybody could do that. Unfortunately, the short people didn’t always see it that way.

Capes were easy and quick to fit over a warm coat. Plus they could be used all year ’round for playing when friends came over. That’s how it was with the taffeta and lace, mauve colored junior bridesmaid dress I found at a Goodwill store one day. It was the perfect Halloween costume for my favorite little girl one year, and for years it was the most popular item in our dress-up box. Only years later did she tell me how angry she was that I made her wear a sweatshirt under that lovely dress so she could be warm out trick or treating.

One year, with the help of just the right size square cardboard boxes that they could wear over their shoulders, one was a gift and one was a dice. I thought the costumes were clever and cute. Until it rained on trick or treat night and the colors on the crepe paper ran and dripped off the bottom edge of the boxes I painted.

I checked online to see what the most popular costumes are this year. Funny, but no dice or presents made from big boxes. This year a minion costume from the “Despicable Me” movies is at the top of the pack. A Miley Cyrus costume is in second place. The characters of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and A & E’s “Duck Dynasty” as also predicted to be popular.

Just buying a costume in a box. So little creativity there. It makes me feel a little better to find that, according to another report online, among the top five costumes are pirates, screen sirens, and super heroes.

Let the Halloween begin.