Three hearings on WC agenda

The City Council of Webster City will hold three public hearings Monday night and council members will have a chance to preview the new city website.

At 7:15 p.m., the council will hold a hearing on the proposed plans and specifications and proposed form of contract and estimate of cost for the water treatment plant pump replacement project.

The project was bid on Oct. 28 and five contractors submitted bids. City staff are recommending that the council award the contract to Story Construction with a bid of $269,125. A memo to the council members states that a portion of the work will be performed by city staff at an estimated $130,000, bringing the total project cost to $399,125.

The project was approved as part of the fiscal year 2012-2013 capital improvement plan. Approval of the issuance of water revenue bonds and water utility funds were identified for the project, according to the council memo.

The second hearing concerns the proposed plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the Park Avenue sanitary sewer improvement project. The project entails removal and replacement of the sanitary sewer pipe under the Park Avenue bridge crossing Lyons Creek and removing and replacing existing manhole on the north side of the bridge to a new location and install one additional manhole to enable alignment with the existing sewer pipe.

Bids were opened Oct. 23 with five contractors submitting bids. The city staff and project engineer have recommended that the contract be awarded to Keller Excavating Inc. of Boone with a bid of $121,010.

The third hearing pertains to an amendment to the code of ordinances relating to zoning for towers. With new configurations and construction methods for towers, the three acres of land previously required for a “fall radius” is no longer necessary, according to city officials. The amendment would address that change, adding that tower proposals “shall be accompanied by an engineer’s certified collapse range specifications” and the “fall radius must be completely on the property on which the tower is located.”

The council will consider the first reading of the amendment.

Also on the agenda, the City Council will consider authorizing the Webster City Hazard Mitigation Plan to become part of the Hamilton County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

A revised proposal from Binswanger of Minneapolis to list and sell the old Beam Building is also on the agenda. The council took possession of the building a couple years ago and is currently leasing it to the Electrolux Tech Center. The building becomes available on Jan. 1, 2014.

“This building represents one of the better opportunities that the city has to attract new jobs and this becomes a larger factor than the actual selling price,” said City Manager Ed Sadler in a memo to the council. Binswanger’s proposal would allow the firm to list and sell the building for a flat amount commission to remove the incentive to sell the building based solely on price, but instead reflect the city’s goal of more jobs.

“Without an agency actually having a listing contract, I fear that the marketing of this building is limited and will therefore take longer to sell. Under this agreement, any agency can sell or lease the building and receive the appropriate commission,” he said.

Sadler said in the memo that he believes the revised agreement was more in line with the city’s goals for the property and should be given consideration.

A request for the transfer of a liquor license, brew pub, outdoor service and Sunday sales for Racerz (Cory and Lori Roe) from 1639 James St. to 1941 James St. effective Nov. 7 will be considered by the council.

The City Council meeting will be held Monday at 7 p.m. at city hall.