Elections bring big turnout

Voters turned out in droves during Tuesday’s election in Webster City and in other areas of Hamilton County.

Kim Schaa, Hamilton County Auditor, noted that Webster City was particularly busy with 1,431 ballots cast among 5,211 registered voters in the city.

“Webster City had a very busy day and a very good turnout,” Schaa said.

Webster City had a single polling place, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, which had a line out the door in the early morning according to poll worker Pat Nokes.

Other contested races in Hamilton County brought out many voters with 223 ballots cast among 481 registered voters in Stratford and 27 votes cast among 127 registered voters in Randall.

Schaa also said that new technology which allows poll workers to scan an Iowa driver’s license and retrieve a voter’s information worked well with only minor glitches. Those glitches were sorted out quickly.

“We used two or three laptops, three here in Webster City, and cabling them together we just had a few glitches but we sorted it out and it worked fine the rest of the day.”