Write-in named winner

STRATFORD – A write-in candidate appears to have won the race for mayor in Stratford.

Mike Nepereny, whose name was not on the ballot, received 68 votes out of the 69 write-in votes for mayor. Other candidates on the ballot were Douglas S.H. Kinsey with 62, Kirk D. Richardson with 66 and Brian Wilde, who died on Oct. 25, with 22 votes. Commissioner of elections Kim Schaa said the results were still unofficial.

Three people were elected to seats on the Stratford City Council. Larry Runyan received 189 votes, while Mark Scott garnered 176. Chase Haman was also elected with 153 votes. A fourth candidate, James E. Bricker received 55 votes.

Other races

In Jewell, incumbent Mickey Walker was re-elected mayor with 80 votes. He was unopposed. Four candidates sought three council seats in Jewell. Elected to those positions were Kenneth Outzen with 63 and Leo Reiter with 62 and Rickie Young received 72. Chris Gunderson garnered 48 votes.

Randall voters turned out to elect Gregg Wright as mayor with 26 votes. Elected to three council positions in Randall were Steven James Moore with 22 votes, Scott E. Stephens with 21 and Gina Wheeler with 18 votes. Michelle Culver was also on the ballot and received 14 votes.

Troy Hassebrock in Blairsburg ran unopposed for mayor. He received a total of 27 votes. There were four write-in ballots. Jill Babington and Rodney E. Harris were elected to two City Council seats in that community, with 29 votes and 22 votes, respectively. There were also 3 write-ins.

In Ellsworth, Gregory Campbell, running unopposed for mayor, was elected with 34 votes. There were 3 write-in votes. Kris Groth and Marty S. Jensen were on the ballot for two council seats. Groth received 30 and Jensen garnered 31 votes. There were four write-ins.

Howard Moon, Scott D. Nieman and Greg Philbrook were elected to City Council seats in Kamrar. Moon garnered 15 votes, Nieman and Philbrook each received 16 votes.

Harold Hove was re-elected mayor of Stanhope with 29 votes. Gary Baker Jr. and Trent A. Flockhart were elected to two seats on the City Council with Baker receiving 27 and Flockhart earning 28 votes. There were two write-ins.

In Williams, Jessica Schutt received 24 votes to be elected to the mayor’s seat, and Dennis Frayne, Richard Kohl and Margaret Ronnfeldt are seeking the three City Council seats.

Frayne had 21 votes, while Ronnfeldt received 22 and Kohl garnered 29. There were three write-in ballots.