New business opening Friday

A longstanding dream is coming to fruition this Friday when ReSale by FRAS opens in Webster City.

Faye Mason, a current Rockwell City resident, is looking to move to Webster City to be closer to her new consignment store, located at 641 Second Street in downtown. Her father, Scott Smith, said they chose to open a store in Webster City after a lot of research found a need for a used furniture in town.

“We were pleasantly surprised to find this town so receptive to work with us,” Scott Smith said. “This has not been an overnight decision. It’s a decision that was finally made about two months ago and it’s all come together very fast.”

Faye Mason is renting the store with the help of the Business Incubator Project through the Webster City Chamber of Commerce. The project looks to fill stores with assistance from several parties. The property owner has agreed to lease the store for reduced rent, Faye Mason was given help creating a business plan and was given free time with local contractors to inspect the building. Faye Mason said the project has been a big help.

“That is an opportunity for someone like me, a single mom. It’s awesome,” Faye Mason said.

The store itself is staffed by Faye Mason and her daughters, Charlie and Dariel. They, along with Smith, have been busy getting inventory, installing shelves, arranging items and much more before Friday’s opening.

“You have to go in and rearrange things and see how it feels, because this is a feeling store. Everything is going to have some sentiment to it whether its ours or someone else’s. Most of the stuff has been previously owned. Somebody loved all this stuff at one time. Now that we have it, we’re going to help other people have good feelings about these things,” Smith said.

While ReSale by FRAS is somewhat focused on furniture, it offers a wide variety of items. Sections of the store include an infant room with maternity and children’s clothing, a books and games section, a “guys” section with tools and camping gear, clothing, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sections and more.

Faye Mason said there is no limit on consigning at the store. If they have room for it, they’ll stock the items.

“It’s going to be a story for everybody,” Smith said. “Men, women, children.”

“It’ll be family oriented,” Charlie Mason added.

As a deal for the first 20 consigners, Faye Mason is forgoing the $10 one time agreement fee. Those looking to consign items should hurry, because Mason said the store has already seen sales begin.

“We already had our first customers come in,” Faye Mason said. “It was exciting to see the smiles on their faces when they bought their Christmas tree.”

Faye Mason and her family have a lot of work to do before their opening. She said there are still two truckloads of furniture to unload and many items to be priced. Still, she is excited to have her old nickname, Faye Ruby Ann Smith, FRAS, on a storefront opening Friday in Webster City.