Choice to pursue higher education was right decision

To the Editor:

Why did I choose to pursue higher education? There are multiple reasons as to why I chose to educate myself beyond the high school level.

Graduating from Northeast Hamilton, I knew there was a lot more out in the world to see. I chose to pursue higher education to prepare myself for the workforce along with seeing what else there was outside of small town Iowa. Coming to Iowa State University was the best choice I ever made. I came to college with my heart set on becoming an optometrist; however, once I got here and began exploring everything there was to see I quickly realized that was not what I was meant to be. A rule of advice for incoming freshman would be to not be narrow minded because there are so many different options for majors and soon to be career paths.

My roommate, half of my residence hall floor, and myself has already changed their major. Another rule of advice is to live in the residence halls. I love it here and I have made many great connections with my CA, girls on my floor, and peer mentors who are here all of the time. I have had the opportunity to branch out and meet people from every walk of life. I was awarded the Hixson scholarship which has also given me many great opportunities and an awesome network of students and educators.

I would just like to take this time to encourage everyone out there who is thinking about pursuing higher education to go for it. No matter what age you are, you still have the time to create a better future for yourself.

Sarah Elm