Board reviews facilities

JEWELL – At his first meeting as president of the South Hamilton school board, Will Johnston presided over an agenda that included establishing several news policies for the district as well as setting a timeline for the facilities committee and hearing an enrollment report for the current school year.

In an update on the work of the facilities committee, Superintendent Tim Johnson shared with the board a proposed schedule for the facilities committee. He estimates that in about one year assessment, planning, designing, and budgeting phases will be complete so bids can be let and plans reviewed for a possible bond issue.

The facilities committee is made up of patrons, staff, teachers, students, and administrators who are working with an architect to assess physical plant needs at the school.

In a related matter, Scott Dryer, middle school/high school principal, reported on a tour of science classrooms that he and several other staff made recently as they consider an update of science classrooms at South Hamilton. The group visited Winterset, North Polk, Norwalk, and Ames schools.

“We aren’t ready to work on this yet, but we saw some nice places,” Dryer said of proposed remodeling for science classrooms. “It has been good to get out and see some things.”

In his enrollment report to the board, Johnson said that final figures show a drop of eight resident students in the district. Overall, however, enrollment is up 21 students.

In old business on Monday’s agenda, the board again reviewed a proposed football helmet policy before approving it. The new policy goes into effect at the start of the 2014-15 season.

An academic eligibility policy was also approved on Monday. In the revised policy, athletes found to be ineligible academically will be ineligible immediately to participate in the sport for ten days. According to athletic director Todd Coy, the state requires schools to check on academic eligibility at the semester, but South Hamilton checks each quarter. “This is above and beyond what most other schools are doing,” he commented.

In another policy matter, the board established an administrative lunch account policy that establishes a system for dealing with delinquent lunch accounts.

The board approved hiring Tracy Krumm to be a special education associate and Tony Woodall as a coach for high school boys basketball.

Two bids received for shingling the Stanhope bus barn were reviewed by the board. Action was tabled until other options for the building can be reviewed.