All dolled up

The long admired Foster Doll Collection now has a price following an appraisal Saturday at Kendall Young Library.

Lana Norlin, of Marshalltown, appraised 161 dolls in the collection that was donated to the Library. She brought 40 years of experience to the appraisal.

In total, the dolls were appraised at about $40,000, according to Library Director Angie Martin-Schwarze. Factoring into that cost includes the 2008 drop-off of doll prices which Norlin attributes to the recession. The aging of the dolls, most notably in their garments, was also a factor.

Norlin identified the age of many of the dolls by their hairstyle. The most valuable doll in the collection was dated back to 1850 by its parted hair with curls on the ends. Other dolls Norlin noted were some with glass eyes and a collection of four nuns.

Norlin said she hopes to host a public appraisal at the Library this coming spring.