Welcome back

Motorists traveling Seneca Street or First Street in Webster City in the morning hours may notice a familiar sight at the Webster City Post Office – the route trucks are back in town.

Sorting operations returned to the local Post Office on last Saturday, according to Harley Tapper, postmaster. Since Aug. 27, 2011, the local carriers sorted mail in Fort Dodge and then driving back to Webster City to deliver their routes.

“There will be route changes, delivery times will be different and customer service issues will be handled locally,” he said.

Tapper said he appreciates the community’s understanding during the transition periods.

“The community support during the time they were in Fort Dodge and now has just been phenomenal. Business bulk mail and revenue locally are up. That’s a positive for the Post Office,” he said. “The carriers coming back is a positive for Webster City.”

The postmaster added that there are some mail flow issues that still need to be worked out due to some staffing changes and retirements. New clerks have joined the Post Office staff so training is under way.

Webster City had six city and three rural routes when the operation moved to Fort Dodge. Due to the drive time, an additional route was created that will now be discontinued, returning to the former route structure.

Tapper said mail will continue to be processed in Des Moines. He said one advantage due to transportation was all mail will now go directly to Des Moines for processing.

Tapper confirmed that the special express mail run at 2 p.m. will continue as usual which allows the Post Office to guarantee overnight deliveries to more destinations.

Mail customers may see some differences in their delivery times as route structures are worked through. Tapper added that those using Post Office lobby mailboxes will notice an earlier delivery.

A new box-up time will be posted when mail flow has been established, he said.

“The people I’ve talked to about this are elated,” he said.

He asked for the public’s continued patience and support as the Post Office continues to work through details, staff training and route specifics related to the transition.