Fond memories of the WC movie theater

To the Editor:

I can remember sitting in the front rows with my buddies (Keith and Randy Riley, Billy Sherwood, Don Siders, Bruce Keenan and my Bro Joe) watching scary movies and having the crap scared out of us.

I then graduated to the middle rows with girlfriends (I won’t embarrass them) holding hands and spending all my weekly wages on one night.

Finally I ended up in the back rows with my own kids. I remember my youngest (Matt)dropping popcorn on the floor and when he tried to pick it all up-I told him it was ok to leave it on the floor.

For everyone reading this who grew up during your “innocent years” in Webster City I want you to think about what “we” had and what our grandchildren will miss.

The days of “small town” theaters are over and we need to accept this fact. It is just a shame an American institution( along with drive-in theaters) are now history.

John Winkler

Mesa, Ariz.