Together with technology

From inkwells to pencils to keyboards and touch screens, the school classroom has changed drastically over generations.

To showcase that new technology, the Webster City High School peer helper class showcased their iPad tablets to a group of seniors at Crestview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Loretta Martzahl, Guidance Counselor at the high school, accompanied the students who gave brief presentations on social media, email, the iPads themselves and other pieces of technology including smartboards, cameras and laptops. The students gave these presentations in small groups using their school iPads provided by the district’s digital learning initiative.

“It’s important to bond the two generations and technology is the way of the future,” Martzahl said. “It’s nice for our students in the way that they can be teachers and it’s nice for the elders to see all these new things.”

Talking to the seniors, Martzahl said the iPad rollout brings the entire world to their fingertips. She also spoke about flip classrooms where students do work in the classroom and view lectures and take notes on their own time outside of class.

“It really puts the learning in the hands of the students,” Martzahl said.

In addition to their presentations, students showed Crestview seniors other fun uses of their iPads including a graphics painting program and all the amusing filters on the tablet’s photobooth application.

The peer helper class is not the only way Crestview seniors are experiencing new technology. A program called gives residents a chance to receive one-on-one assistance with a computer. Diane Stribe, Crestview Activities Assistant, said this program goes toward the center’s goal of encouraging residents to be life-long learners.

While some residents are familiar enough with computers to surf the internet at their leisure, others Stribe said others like centenarian Geneva Taylor appreciate help contacting families through email, loading up a game of solitaire and much more.