Holiday cookie bonanza returns

The holiday season can be busy and full of activities for families. Sometimes, holiday baking may have to take a backseat to hectic schedules. The bakers from Asbury United Methodist Church have devised a way for area families that are too busy to still enjoy all of the sweet treats of the season.

Saturday marks the 30th annual Asbury Cookie Walk, a special morning that traditionally draws large crowds. The event is held in the social rooms at the church and people start lining up early for the 9 a.m. cookie walk. For $15, participants can fill a large box to the brim with decorated holiday cookies. The dining room is lined with tables filled with platters of cookies of all types. Volunteers in the kitchen keep the platters replenished so there’s plenty of fresh sweets all morning.

“This is a really special event,” said event Chairman Nicole Chamness. “We have people who have baked for all of those years. It encompasses so many from our church and it’s great to see so many of our friends from the community.”

Chamness said she begins to recruit bakers several weeks before the event.

“We start making calls and signing up people at church,” she said. “Most of our bakers do all of their baking this week.”

Some of the bakers get the whole family involved in preparing the treats. In other families, it’s Dad who does the baking. Sometimes, it’s Mom and the children.

“Kathy Anderson and her girls and the high school youth worked together last year to make cookies for us. This year, she worked with the youth again. It’s nice to get the younger kids involved,” Chamness said.

Though no minimum is set, most bakers provide between 12 and 30 dozen cookies for the annual walk.

“Usually a recipe will make 6 to 8 dozen cookies, so it’s easy to double it up,” Chamness said, adding that she was working on her donation in these last few days before the event.

Some of the Asbury members also make candy which is sold at the event.

“We never know what we’ll get there. Sometimes it’s fudge or brittle,” she said. The candy is packaged and individually priced separately from the cookie walk.