KYL okays 2014 budget

While several factors have lead to a smaller estimated income for Kendall Young Library for coming year, a library official said they were able to complete many projects in 2013.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Kendall Young Library board of trustees, the board approved the library’s 2014 budget. The estimated income for 2014 is $691,000 and the board approved expenses of $670,500. Library Director Angie Martin-Schwarze said the library has seen many updates to their technology infrastructure in past years. A decrease in library income this year will result in no major projects at the library in 2014, but Martin-Schwarze said previous updates have put the library in good shape for the coming year.

Three-quarters of the library’s income comes from farm rent, according to Martin-Schwarze. The library owns about 2,000 acres of farmland spread across several counties. The library first acquired farmland in Kendall Young’s will. Donors have also given farmland to the library to rent out for income. The most recently donated patch of farmland was 80 acres given in the Kurtz estate two years ago. Additionally, the board purchased farmland several decades ago.

As farm rent makes up the majority of the library’s income, their estimated income for 2014 has decreased as farm rental costs have gone down. Another large piece of their income comes from their endowment and lower interest rates have meant a smaller payout for the library.

Also at Tuesdays’ meeting, the board approved action to start funds with The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. Martin-Schwarze said the funds will allow people to donate toward specific library projects such as their digital archives. The library’s goal is to have donations available online through their website by the end of the year. Martin-Schwarze said this will give donors a chance to give to the library in whatever manner they choose.

“They can say they want it specifically for teen books, picture books or anything,” she said. “It can be as specific or as general as a donor wants it to be.”

In the director’s report, Martin-Schwarze said the recent food drive at the library saw 160 food items and $45 donated to the Upper Des Moines Opportunity food bank in Webster City. In November, the library also hosted 20 children’s programs with 207 children in attendance. They also hosted four adult programs with 37 people in attendance.

Also in November, the library held a volunteer appreciation coffee event. Martin-Schwarze said the event honored the many volunteers the library has through the Friends of Kendall Young Library, those who volunteer for book sales and those who volunteer just to help out on a weekly basis. About half of the 100 volunteers that assist the library were in attendance.

In other business, the board recognized a grant given to the library. The library was given $1,250 to help pay for software to enhance the library’s catalog, according to Martin-Schwarze.

The next board meeting will be held on Jan. 14, 2014 in the Kendall Young Library meeting room.