A somber service for Christmas

For some, the Christmas season is a time for merriment. For others, the holidays bring sadness rather than joy and cheer.

Christmas can bring back memories of lost loved ones, broken relationships, hard financial times and sad memories. For those people, the Webster City Church of Christ is holding a Blue Christmas service on Saturday at 7 p.m. The nontraditional service will be hosted at The Bridge, across the street from the Church of Christ.

Organizer Kelly Sprague said she dealt with loss within her family last Christmas after a miscarriage.

“Last year, I went to a Christmas service because it was important to me, but it was hard because it’s all about baby Jesus and the nativity scene,” Sprague said. “It just made me sad, and that’s not really the response these services are looking for.”

She said she is one of many people who experience sadness as the Christmas holiday nears, and the Blue Christmas service will offer her and other community members a chance to acknowledge that.

“When I thought about organizing this service, I thought there really needs to be a service for people that are hurting, but still recognize that it’s Christmas and can still recognize the hope of Christ,” Sprague said.

The service is open to all community members who are stressed or hurting, Sprague said. Rather than hosting nativity scenes and joyful Christmas songs, Sprague said the Blue Christmas service will be more subdued and offer community members a chance to reflect on their losses or hurting together.

“Nothing is worse than hurting alone,” Sprague said.

Several community members, including Pat Powers and Webster City Chamber Director Deb Brown will be participating in the service. For more information, visit webstercitychurch.com.