Board reviews strategic plans

STRATFORD – At their final meeting this calendar year, the school board in Stratford looked over a 10-year strategic building plan updated by Superintendent Sarah Binder.

Binder also also included future transportation needs. As updated, Phase 1 of the plan would be improvements to lighting at the school. Phase 2 would focus on the Early Learning Center and parking lot, the third phase would be addressing heating and cooling needs in the physical plant.

Binder reminded the board that the main areas of the building where students spend their time – classrooms and the gym – are heated with a system installed in 1955. The fourth phase of improvements would be heating in the gym.

Other needs, according to Binder, include the playground surface, security cameras, keyless entry, ADA compliance, and replacing a water heater. She noted that the priorities of improvements may need to be reordered and said that the proposed plan does not include ongoing maintenance like repainting the cafeteria and the hall, which could be done this summer. “We want to be very futuristic on this. We need to look ahead,” stated Binder, adding that she has not updated the PPEL and SILO dollars because she is waiting for the 2013 projects to be finalized.

She also plans to submit a Hamilton County Foundation Grant, with proposed ideas including replacing the lights in the gym, providing a backdrop/curtain for the stage area, and/or upgrading technology. She asked the board for their suggestions. The ELC will also be submitting a Hamilton County Foundation grant.

Other business Wednesday evening included reviewing information on a teacher leadership and compensation system proposal. Binder asked for board feedback on the application. The Professional Growth and Development Leadership Team in Stratford is working on the proposal, which they plan to present to the board.

Binder shared with the board several holiday activities at the school. The annual holiday dinner served more than 200 students, parents, community members, and extended family. Binder said the dinner is an opportunity to thank the community for their support throughout the year.

Third and fourth graders had an afternoon at school recently with residents from the Stratford Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The guests were brought to the school in a lift van. Binder was enthusiastic about the day, saying that she hopes to see more of such activities in the future.

“You would have been so proud to see the kids, how kind and caring and mature they were, and how much fun they all had,” she told board members.