Jon and Peggy Young renew vows

Congratulation go out to “newly married” Mr. and Mrs. Jon Young of Stratford, Iowa. Jon and Peggy renewed their vows on Dec. 26 at Athens Woods Estates with family and friends present. Pastor and daughter, Kay. Christie, along with Pastor Suzie Moore, performed the ceremony. The newlyweds will actually be celebrating 50 years in February, but wanted to do something special while the kids were home for the Christmas holiday.

The bride wore an elegant cotton blouse with a favorite charcoal gray jacket and black slacks while the groom showed up dressed to the nines in slacks and a black shirt. Life at the Young household has been plenty interesting over the last 50 years. From raising three children, to working a farm and then changing careers to go into banking and working for the county, to retirement. Along the way, there have been ups and downs and a lot of in betweens. There have been many things that have changed like jobs and homes. One thing, however, has never changed, and that is the love that Jon and Peggy have for each other.

They have given definition to the phrase: “true love”. For you see, true love is not something that you fall into. It is not a first date or a proposal or even sharing a bed. True love is saying, after kids have come and gone, financial highs and lows, health issues and more, that no matter what, I am still going to hold your hand and help you through this.