New officer comes to the City

A new officer will join the Webster City Police Department following her graduation from Law Enforcement Academy.

Jordan Elonich was given her oath by recently appointed Webster City Mayor Doug Getter on Tuesday Morning at City Hall.

Elonich is a native of the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. The 27-year-old said she has always been interested in law enforcement.

“I remember being four or five years old in the front yard and waving every time I saw a police officer,” Elonich said.

For about six years, Elonich served as an animal control officer in Omaha. She said the position gave her experience in law enforcement. Elonich said she has always been an animal lover and worked at the Nebraska Humane Society before becoming an animal control officer.

The job presented personal challenges for Elonich, from dealing with aggressive animals to responding to reports of animal cruelty.

However, the job was also rewarding for her at times. She was able to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Elonich looked for law enforcement officer positions for some time before coming across one in Webster City. She said the small-town environment is a good fit for her.

“Iowa is my home. I love Iowa. I’m not a big city girl,” Elonich said. “From the first moment I pulled into town I really liked it.”

Elonich will be working through this week at the department. Then, she will depart to attend the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy beginning on Monday. After graduation, Elonich will return to work in Webster City.