Funds to aid evals

Funding for student substance abuse evaluations has been given by a local trust to Webster City High School. The William Morrison Trust, established in 1950 to benefit the needy people of Webster City, has given $500 to the local high school to fund these evaluations.

Kathy Getting, PowerUp YOUth director, said the funding came after talking with Webster City High School Principal John Elkin about the need for evaluation funding as part of school disciplinary plans. The William Morrison Trust, managed by First State Bank, gave $500 to the district for those evaluations. Getting said the evaluations can be important for students who make mistakes with drugs and alcohol. However, the evaluations can be costly.

“When a student has a problem and there’s a recommendation for a substance abuse evaluation, finances can be a barrier,” Getting said. “Depending on insurance, the cost can range from free to about $200.”

On average, the evaluations cost about $125. At these evaluations, Getting said those referred will talk to a substance abuse counselor who will determine if the person needs additional services to address a substance problem and what those services would be.

“It’s not like a visit to the doctor’s office where you get a physical and you’re in and out in 15 minutes,” Getting said. “It’s a lengthy conversation.”

Getting said she developed a plan with the district, Community and Family Resources, PowerUp YOUth to help parents obtain funding for the evaluations once those donated funds are drawn down. She said the group plans to ask local churches to support the effort through Sunday offerings. Those funds will go directly to Community and Family Resources to pay for the service. Getting said this plan is important because the evaluations can give students the opportunity to turn their lives around.

“People make mistakes all the time,” Getting said. “It’s those mistakes that are the greatest opportunity for learning.”

For more information, or to donate, contact Getting at 835-2429.