BMX course coming to WC

Plans to create a BMX course in Webster City are underway.

A bicycle motocross course will be created at the former site of the tennis courts in East Twin Park in Webster City, according to Recreation and Public Grounds Director Kent Harfst. He said the course will open as soon as April barring inclement weather.

“This will be another nice, free activity for kids to do in town,” Harfst said.

The Recreation and Public Grounds Commission will meet today and Harfst said the group will likely decide on a set of rules for the course at that meeting. The commission decided to create the course after a November meeting following the removal of the tennis courts. Harfst said the courts were several decades old and in bad shape.

The cost to create a course will be minimal. Harfst said free dirt and helping hands from volunteers including regular skate park attendee Kene Morris will limit the cost for the city. The small size of the space also makes the work easier for volunteers.

“This isn’t a true course like you’d see on ESPN,” Harfst said. “The dirt will be two to three feet high and there will be a little dirt course about the size of the skate park just adjacent to it.”

The course will open on a trial basis. If there are few behavioral problems occurring at the courses, it will be here to stay. If not, Harfst said the worst case scenario for the space is to smooth it out and plant grass over it.

While plans to create a BMX course are already in motion, another outdoor space for community members and their pets may be in the near future. Harfst said he is currently exploring the idea of creating a dog park in Webster City with help from Project Explore at Webster City Middle School lead by Patsy Brock. Right now, Harfst said they are considering a dog park for Sketchley Park in Webster City.

“It’s an undeveloped, underutilized park that could be used, but nothing has been decided yet,” Harfst said.

Like many projects, Harfst said the viability of a dog park comes down to the availability of money and volunteers.