Precinct caucuses set for tonight

Hamilton County Republicans and Democrats will gather Tuesday night to hold caucuses.

Democratic caucuses

The Hamilton County Democratic Caucus for all voting precincts of the county will be held at the Webster City High School Cafeteria at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Registration will begin at 6:15 p.m.

According to Hamilton County Democratic Central Committee Chair, Steve Duffy, “The precinct caucus is a great way for Democrats to get involved in grassroots activities with the local and state party.”

The purpose of this year’s caucus is to discuss and adopt proposed resolutions to be added to the county platform, elect delegates and alternates to the county convention and to elect precinct committee people to the county central committee.

Potential candidates for county and state offices are also expected to address the caucus attendees.

Republican caucuses

Hamilton County Republicans will hold caucuses in each precinct beginning at 7 p.m. Those attending the caucuses will elect delegates, alternate delegates and junior delegates to the county convention; elect central committee members and submit planks for the county platform. GOP officials said those attending need to provide acceptable proof of identity and residency. Voter registration forms will be available for those who need to change or update information.

The caucus locations are as follows for the Hamilton County Republicans:

Precinct 1: Cass, Freedom, Fremont, Independence townships will meet at the Community and Senior Center, Webster City;

Precinct 2: Blairsburg, Liberty, Williams townships at the Opera House in Blairsburg;

Precinct 3: Clear Lake, Hamilton, Marion, Webster townships at the Stanhope Community Center

Precinct 4: Ellsworth, Lyon townships at South Hamilton High School cafe, Jewell

Precinct 5: Rose Grove, Lincoln, Scott townships and city of Ellsworth at Ellsworth Library

Webster City 1: Hamilton County Extension Service, Webster City

Webster City 2: Webster City Middle School, Webster City

Webster City 3: Fire station, Webster City.