Boil advisory lifted for city of Blairsburg

BLAIRSBURG – The boil advisory for Blairsburg was lifted on Thursday following a water main break earlier in the week that drained the city’s water tower.

Water Distribution Operator Jan Greenfield announced the test results at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday morning following two days of testing for bacteria in the town’s water supply.

Municipal workers detected a problem early Tuesday morning when pumps could not keep up with user demand. The break in the line was difficult to isolate and by the time workers were able to locate the break, the city’s water tower supply was depleted.

When a municipality’s water supply is depleted in such an instance, the Department of Natural Resources advises residents to boil all tap water used for consumption and personal use as a precaution, explained Greenfield. The boil advisory safeguards the population against any potential bacteria that may have found its way into the system during the breach. Bacteria such as E.coli is a health danger, especially to infants and young children, the infirm and the elderly, said Greenfield.

The extreme cold is believed to be the reason for the water main break, said Greenfield.