WCCSD receives energy rebate

The Webster City Community School District was presented with an energy rebate check for efficiencies created during construction.

Webster City Mayor Doug Getter said that when the district was renovating its facilities recently, lead contractor Peterson Construction identified several energy efficiencies that they incorporated. Getter presented the board with a check for $7,035 for the energy rebates.

“I assume you can find good use for that,” Getter said. “We’re very appreciative of having new construction in Webster City.”

Getter said the private sector also has access to those energy rebates.

Jim Vermeer, Vice President of Business Development with Corn Belt Power Cooperative, said he appreciated the partnership with the city. This is the fifth year that the business has had a rebate program. He said the district received rebates for 76 lamp fixtures, 39 LED exit signs, 145 LED spotlights and 357 occupancy sensors.

In other business, the board discussed recent legislation on districts having the choice to adopt a calendar based on instructional hours instead of days. Superintendent Mike Sherwood said current law also states that schools are not able to count late-start or early dismissal days as days of school. However, there is pending legislation that would reverse that, according to Sherwood. If the board were to schedule their school years based on hours, Sherwood said they would have to have at least 1,080 hours over the course of the year. However, he said the district currently exceeds that.

“If you choose to go hours, what it does is it creates a flexibility for you,” Sherwood said.

If the district has snow days, Sherwood said the district may not have to make them up if the school chose to schedule by the hour. They would also not have to get permission to increase the length of the school day if needed as they did several years ago. The board will have to make a decision on scheduling by April 15.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Feb. 24 at 6 p.m.