Sale support comes in droves

A poster sale fundraiser to help the Help Entertain and Restore Organization, HERO, restore and reopen the Webster Theater on Wednesday afternoon was well attended.

When HERO took possession of the movie house in late January, they found a large number of posters and promotional materials throughout the building. HERO Committee Member Jeff Pingel said there were so many posters that volunteers didn’t count them all.

Rather than dispose of the posters, HERO decided to sell them to the public.

“We just decided to set them out and hope for the best,” Pingel said.

Dozens of community members were waiting outside when the poster sale began, and more continued to visit the Webster Theater as the sale went on.

“It’s really exciting. We have a lot of posters and a lot of people here to buy them,” Pingel said.

While many of the posters at the sale were sold, Pingel said a buyer contacted HERO who offered to buy the remaining posters after it ended.

In addition to the poster sale, HERO is also raising funds through an ongoing online campaign. Donors who give to the organization’s effort to reopen the theater can receive rewards based on how much they give. Rewards range from movie passes, a T-shirt, a bottomless bucket of popcorn for a year and more.

The online drive will continue through March 19. To donate to the fundraiser, visit it online at For more information on HERO and their Save the Theater project, go to