Jumping for heart

BLAIRSBURG – Northeast Hamilton Elementary School students raised $2,054 during February’s Jump Rope for Heart events held at the school.

Physical education teacher Josh Vanderloop coordinated the activities which included students in grades one through sixth.

The students were introduced to rope jumping and learned new jump rope skills.

In addition, they learned about the heart and facts about heart disease and strokes. For instance, heart disease is the number one killer in the nation while stroke ranks number four.

Funds raised during Jump Rope for Heart events help to support research, programs and education. For each $50 raised, one life is saved.

“The students saved 41 lives,” said Vanderloop. “I am so pleased with the success of this year’s event. We all had a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed learning about the importance of physical activity and how they can play role is saving lives.”

“I liked jumping rope which made my heart beat faster, along with learning new information about the heart,” said second grader Kaden Schwandt.

“The money I raised went to help saving people’s lives,” commented first grader Brayden Moore.

“To help people by the money I raised made me feel good,” added Jaeden Lanken.

Kaylee Osvkig agreed that the benefits of the activity were twofold.

“It felt good to raise money for people and it also taught me new information about the heart,” said the fifth grader.

Jump Rope for Heart is a program that promotes physical activity and heart health and is cosponsored by the American Heart Association and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, said Vanderloop.

The students will continue participating in rope jumping and heart related activities throughout the rest of the month, he said.

Persons wishing to learn more or to make a donation, may contact the nearest American Heart Association office or visit the online website at: heart.org/jump