Cemetery cleanup planned

The city of Webster City issued a reminder that the spring cleanup removal will start on April 1 at Graceland and Foster’s Baby Addition Cemeteries.

City officials is request that all flower boxes, wreaths, decorations, and flowers, including items in above-ground fixtures -saddles, vases, planters, Shepherd hooks – be removed before April 1. If these items are not removed they will be picked up and disposed of by the cemetery staff.

After April 20 persons will be permitted to place flowers and other decorations on above-ground fixtures (i.e., saddles, vases, planters, Shepherd hook type hangings as long as they do not interfere with mowing/trimming). All decorations that will be placed on the ground will not be permitted until nine days prior to Memorial Day (this year after May 16- May 26 is Memorial Day). The post Memorial Day removal of flowers (placed on the ground) will begin on June 10.

In addition, the United States’ flags placed on the Veteran’s graves will be removed at this time. New flags will be placed on Veteran’s graves in time to observe Memorial Day.

Please direct any questions to Graceland Cemetery at 832-9125.