New Materials at Kendall Young Library 3/24/14

Young Adult:

“No Place” by Todd Strasser

“Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible… on Schindler’s List” by Leon Leyson

“Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out” by Susan Kuklin

“Charm and Strange” by Stephanie Kuehn

“Chart Topper” by Danielle Paige

“Under the Never Sky” by Veronica Rossi

“Through the Ever Night” by Veronica Rossi

“The Impossible Knife of Memory” by Laurie Halse Anderson

“The Naturals” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

“Maggot Moon” by Sally Gardner

“The Raft” by S. A. Bodeen

“Dark Shore” by Kevin Emerson


“Midwest Gardener’s Handbook” by Melinda Myers

“Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening: How I Learned the Unexpected Joy of a Green Thumb and an Open Heart” by Carol Wall

“I Am a Man: Chief Standing Bear’s Journey for Justice” by Joe Starita

“Midwestern Birds: Backyard Guide – Watching – Feeding – Landscaping Nurturing” by Bill Thompson III

“Market Farming Success: The Business of Growing and Selling Local Food” by Lynn Byczynski

“Gardening for Geeks: DIY Tests, Gadgets, & Techniques That Utilize Microbiology, Mathematics, and Ecology to Exponentially Maximize the Yield” by Christy Wilhelmi

“Heavenly Hydrangeas: A Practical Guide for the Home Gardener” by Joan Harrison

“Fenton Art Glass: A Centennial of Glass Making 1907-2007 and Beyond” by Debbie Coe

“Finerman’s Rules: Secrets I’d Only Tell My Daughters about Business and Life” by Karen Finerman

“Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep” by David K. Randall

“How to Become a Scandal: Adventures in Bad Behavior” by Laura Kipnis

“Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted: And All the Brilliant Minds Who Made the Mary Tyler Moore Show a Classic” by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

“The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes” by Joel Fuhrman

“Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World” by Janit Calvo

“Planting Designs for Cactus & Succulents: Indoor and Outdoor Projects for Unique, Easy-Care Plants In All Climates” by Sharon Asakawa

“The Geek’s Guide to Dating” by Eric Smith

“Hellhound of Wall Street: How Ferdinand Pecora’s Investigation of the Great Crash Forever Changed American Finance” by Michael Perino

“Relaunch: How to Stage an Organizational Comeback” by Mark Rutland


“Forever Girl” by Alexander McCall Smith

“Waiting for Spring” by Amanda Cabot

“Wildwood Creek” by Lisa Wingate

“Perfect” by Rachel Joyce

“Worthy Brown’s Daughter” by Phillip Margolin

“The Dreadful Lemon Sky: A Travis McGee Novel” by John D. MacDonald

“By Starlight” by Dorothy Garlock

“With Autumn’s Return” by Amanda Cabot

“A Conspiracy of Faith: A Department Q Novel” by Jussi Adler-Olsen

“Cockroaches” by Jo Nesbo

“Somerset” by Leila Meacham

“City of Darkness and Light” by Rhys Bowen

“Power Play” by Danielle Steel

“The Counterfeit Agent” by Alex Berenson

“Stone Cold” by C. J. Box

“The Bootlegger” by Clive Cussler

“Black Rose” by Nora Roberts

DVD and Blu-Ray:

“The Book Thief”

“Mad Men: Season Six”

“Breaking Bad: Season Four”

“Breaking Bad: Season Five”

“Cinderella Man”

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”


“Dr. No”


“Bridges of Madison County”

“Dances with Wolves”

“Man of the Year”


“Annie Hall”