Historic opportunity

A local 4-H member said she had the opportunity of a lifetime when she was invited to a ceremony in Washington D.C. to honor Norman Borlaug.

Megan Hughes, a senior at Webster City High School and part of the Freedom Flickers 4-H Club, was invited to the unveiling of Borlaug’s statue for her work with a local lunch program. Hughes was instrumental in securing a grant to transport children to the summer meal program. Hughes also serves on the state and county 4-H councils and the local youth committee.

Hughes said she was very excited when she found out she would be attending the ceremony. At the ceremony in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall, she sat alongside members of Congress, Governor Terry Branstad, Senator Charles Grassley and others.

“This was one of the most amazing opportunities I’ve had in my life,” Hughes said. “It was just amazing to be sitting in the same room as everybody else who were there to commemorate this amazing figure from Iowa.”

From the third row, Hughes watched as legislators honored Borlaug with several speeches. She said that hearing about Borlaug, a Nobel Prize winner for creating disease resistant and high-yield wheat, gave her a lot to think about.

“I’m very glad he was recognized. Everyone spoke about how amazing he was and how everybody spoke about him made me think about what better ways I could help fight hunger,” Hughes said.

She was also treated to tours of the Capitol building and monuments. Hughes returned home to Webster City late Tuesday night.