New members of NEH Honor Society named

The Northeast Hamilton National Honor Society inducted three new members into its ranks at an early morning ceremony on Thursday, March 27.

Inducted for 2014 were Austin Smith and Nicholas Jeffers, both juniors and sophomore Andrea Anderson.

“This is a great honor to be inducted into the National Honor Society,” sponsor Sherry Leksell told the candidates, current society members and parents who gathered for the ceremony.

The honor is bestowed on a person of good character who shows personal integrity and displays a commitment to high academic standards, said Leksell.

In short, a member of the National Honor Society is a leader of tomorrow, said Leksell.

The chapter of the Northeast Hamilton National Honor Society was first established in 1990, said Leksell. In order to be considered for the honor, students must have displayed excellence in scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Candidates for the honor are required to maintain a 3.25 Grade Point Average throughout their high school career, said Leksell.

Current members of the society conducted the ceremony which further explained the criteria for admission. That criteria requires that a National Honor Society candidate must be active in service projects within their communities, display leadership skills among their peers and live by the personal character traits of reliability, honesty and sincerity.

NEH National Honor Society candidates submit a three-page essay. A panel of NEH educators helps to determine the selection of inductees, said Leksell.

Current members of the NHS who participated in the ceremony were Kaylee Massman, Tyler Smith, Jaidyn Timm, Kyle Pruismann and Leah Meyer. Logan Seiser, also a member, was absent from the event.

Following the ceremony, the newest National Honor Society members and their families were treated to a breakfast, hosted by NEH National Honor Society members.