Becoming part of a legacy

A law office that’s been in Webster City for 145 years has recently added a new associate.

City Attorney of Webster City Gary Groves began working in association with Zach Chizek on March 3 this year. Chizek, a 26-year-old graduate of Iowa State University and Drake Law School, was excited for the opportunity to work with Groves in Webster City. His fianc, Kendra Neese, is a Webster City native. Chizek said they were happy to live in her hometown.

Coming from the insurance sector, Chizek said he’s already learned a lot working with Groves. In addition to working with the city, his days often include work on estate planning, wills, business law and real estate with community members. However, not every day is the same in a general practice office. Chizek said he’s always encountering new situations and Groves is there to help him.

“I don’t think I could do this just starting up on my own,” Chizek said. “I think coming into an established law firm and getting my feet wet that way has been the only way I could possibly do this just because of the fact that if I have questions I can lean back on him.”

In asking those questions, Chizek hopes to gain some of the experience and knowledge that Groves has built up over his decades at the law office. Chizek said the baton that’s been passed down over the 145 years of the law office’s existence is now being passed to him.

“Gary has been here now 50 years and I hope that I have 50 years ahead of me in this office,” Chizek said.

In addition to his work with the city and at the office, Chizek also takes time each day to get out and meet people around town.

“I am a firm believer that to succeed that you need to be involved and you need to be present in your community,” Chizek said.

The friendly welcomes that Chizek received from Webster City community members were surprising and very appreciated. A native of Prairie City, Chizek said it’s nice to work in the small town environment he was used to while growing up. Being new to town, Chizek said he’s looking to meet more people and find more ways to be involved in the community. He invites people who want to meet him to visit the Groves and Chizek Law Offices at 805 Des Moines Street.