Lots of love sent with child’s donated hair

For only the second time in her life Abigail Meyer had her hair cut. This time, her hair went to a good cause.

When Abie asked her mother, Mickie Shubin, to have her hair cut, Shubin told her about donating it to Locks of Love. The organization uses donated hair to make wigs. When Abie asked her why someone would need one, Shubin explained that sick people may lose their hair as part of medical treatments.

Shubin said Abie was very receptive, as she has had to deal with a medical condition. Both Abie and her older sister, Bailee Shubin, have been diagnosed with scoliosis. She wears a back brace for up to 18 hours a day. While it’s difficult, Shubin said her daughter has been doing well with it.

When Abie decided to donate her hair to locks of love, a family friend cut her hair as a birthday present.

When asked how she liked her new haircut, Abie gestured to her ankles and said she was going to “grow my hair down to here.”

For more information on Locks of Love, visit them online at locksoflove.org.