NEH OK’s sharing agreement proposal

BLAIRSBURG – Northeast Hamilton School Board took another step toward whole grade sharing with Webster City Monday morning when it approved an agreement proposal on the issue at a special meeting held at the Blairsburg school.

The proposed agreement considers whole grade sharing between the NEH and Webster City school districts for grades 7-12 beginning in the 2015-2016 school year.

All board members were present and voted to approve of the agreement proposal which had first been drafted and approved by the NEH board at its April 10 meeting. Last week, the Webster City CSD School Board approved the proposal and sent it back to NEH.

As required by law, the approved proposal is subject to a public hearing. In accordance with the law, the NEH board then voted to hold a public hearing on May 8 at 7 p.m. at its regular monthly meeting.

The day and time of a proposed community meeting has yet to be determined, reported Superintendent Larry Frakes on Monday afternoon. Earlier this year, the NEH board decided to hold a community meeting facilitated by Dr. Roark Horn, Chief Administrator of AEA 267, before final passage of the whole grade sharing agreement.

In other business, the Board accepted the resignations of Jeff Meyer, head Boys and Girls High School Golf coach and Joni Smith, Junior High Girls Volleyball coach.