Red Bull memorial plan unveiled

The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors revealed the design for a new memorial that will pay tribute to all Hamilton County veterans, and especially those who served in the Red Bull Division.

The memorial will be placed in a grassy area between Red Bull Division Drive, which runs past the south side of the courthouse, and Hospital Drive, which intersects with Red Bull Division Drive. A dedication will be held on May 23 at 10 a.m., according to Supervisor Doug Bailey.

“The groundwork started last week,” he said. “We’ll be holding the dedication Friday of Memorial Day weekend.”

The monument, which is being built by Tim Adams of Stony Creek Landscapes, features the Red Bull Division insignia, along with the words, “To all who have helped carry the torch of freedom we honor and thank you, and pledge to remember your sacrifice and service.”

“The text is really addressed to all veterans of Hamilton County,” Bailey said. “The seals of each branch of military service will be featured at the bottom of the monument.”

Four panels will be placed alongside the memorial. Two of the panels will contain the history of the Red Bull Division of Co. E, the National Guard company that was located in at the Webster City armory.

“This was the point of entry for all Hamilton County guardsmen,” Bailey said.

The other two panels will feature a history of citizen soldiers from Hamilton County, ranging back to 1857 and the group for the Spirit Lake massacre, all the way up to current times, following all the various wars and conflicts.

Bailey said the Red Bull Division is still an active division and noted that several Hamilton County residents were part of that division in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Board Chairman Wes Sweedler said that the idea for the memorial came while the street with the same name was built around the time Van Diest Medical Center was being built.

“With the naming, something like this has been in the works for several years. We’ve had many different ideas and finally settled on this local design, produced and built locally,” he said. “It’s going to be a fitting and long-lasting memorial for all Hamilton County service people.”

The exterior of the monument will be made of brushed stainless steel and the lettering is cut into the stainless steel and will be backlit. The insignia will feature layers of stainless steel. The structure is about 8-feet-wide and 13-feet-tall. Bailey said the project was bid out and Adams turned in the winning bid.

A sidewalk will lead up from the courthouse parking lot so those visiting the memorial will be able to get a close look.

Bailey said a speaker from Red Bull Division headquarters will be present at the dedication as will Rev. Mike Willer, who served had served in the division and took part in the street dedication several years ago.

“I think this is a really fitting, attractive sight that will be very noticeable as people come into Webster City,” said Supervisor David Young.